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Gastric Bypass Stories and Pictures

Real stories from real Gastric Bypass patients. Read the stories and see photos of those that have real life experience with Gastric Bypass Surgery. Click here to submit your story.

Michele - Florida - Gastric Bypass

"I watched intently on my computer as Carnie Wilson was wheeled into the operating room. At over 300 pounds, she had made the choice to undergo a gastric bypass to improve her health. "If she can do this", I said to myself, "so can I...". That was when I made the final decision to have weight loss surgery" - Read More

Laura - Wisconsin - Gastric Bypass

"I had my surgery on May 14th, 2012. When I left the hospital I was 413 pounds. 3 months later I have lost 90 pounds. I am amazed everyday when I find I am able to do something I coundn't before." - Read More

Tami - Georgia - Gastric Bypass

"My highest weight was 340 when I had gastric bypass in 2004. I lost 140 pounds - and Unjury was the only protein powder I could tolerate. Here I am 8 yrs later - I have had struggles, and have even had lapband over the gastric, but all is good again, back on the Unjury full time." - Read More

Donna - Arizona - Gastric Bypass

"My life changing surgery was done on June 7th, 2005, five days after my 50th birthday! I had gastric bypass done in Scottsdale, Arizona. It took about 18 months to get to my goal weight . I have been very fortunate to keep it off all these years. But I will say that Unjury has been the most important part of my journey. " - Read More

Christy - Tennessee - Gastric Bypass

"I had gastric bypass surgery in October of 2009 I was in a size 24 and weighed 282 lbs I now am in a size 12 weighing 165 Its not easy keeping the weight off There is no miracle to it It takes hard work protein protein protein little carbs and exercise I love unjury i have tried them all and I am here to tell u it is the best" - Read More

Jamie - Maryland - Gastric Bypass

"I had the surgery in April 2009 and by the end of 2009 I had lost 100# and 12 sizes! I credit my team with preparing me very well by ensuring I could make the necessary lifestyle changes before committing me to a surgical option. I am now 145# lighter than I was before I started the whole process and I have never felt better in my whole life." - Read More

Pennie - Florida - Gastric Bypass

"Gastric Bypass not only helped me to send the diabetes into remission, reduce my blood pressure, get the chest pain thing under control, and lose the weight, it helped me to extend my life to be able to raise my son, be there for my family and hopefully someday, play with and chase my grandchildren around!!!!" - Read More

Beth - Alabama - Gastric Bypass

"yo-yo ... the story of my life. I have always been heavy, but a "chest pain" weekend in the hospital in April of 2010 really scared me. By June I was seeing a Gastric bypass Surgeon and getting all the prelims out of the way. From 242 the morning of surgery on Jan 12, 2011, to 118 now. Woohoo!! No more cholesterol or BP meds" - Read More

Mary - Missouri - Gastric Bypass

"I was tired of being over weight, having health problems and was getting bigger and bigger. I made the decision that I Had to do something, so I contacted a local hospital and had bypass surgery and they recommended trying Unjury saying it was the best tasting. I tried it and have now been using it for 11 months." - Read More

Adrianne - Maryland - Gastric Bypass

"I had WLS in October of 2010 and was terrified of gaining the weight back. I was the person that was just positive that it would be like everything else that I had tried and it would fail. My sister found Unjury protein powder for me to help in both the recovery and the initial weight-loss periods. It was wonderful." - Read More

Carla - Florida - Gastric Bypass

"I've always had a weight problem...since I was a child. I don't remember a time when I was not overweight ...except after WLS. I had gastric bypass in September 2008 and I've not looked back!" - Read More

Shannon - South Carolina - Gastric Bypass Patient

" Through Blood, Sweat and Tears, I had RNY in Sept 2005 and it has been THEE BEST decision I've ever made!!!!! 115 pounds later, I've kept my weight off, changed my life forever and have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl to cherish. I am honestly the happiest and HEALTHIEST I've ever been." - Read More

Brenda - Louisiana - Gastric Bypass

"On July 25th, at 306lbs, I had the gastric bypass. I started walking that night in the hospital and I have not stopped since. After two weeks, at my follow-up appointment, I had lost 24lbs." - Read More

Lin - New York - Gastric Bypass

"In 2009 I had lap-band surgery. It was at this time I found out about Unjury, and of course tried it since every other product tasted like chalk! I had to tell the surgeon about Unjury -- he had never heard of it, and neither did his nutritionist. I would buy packages of it, and give it out to the people at the support groups, and give it to the nutritionist too!! " - Read More

Mary - Rhode Island - Gastric Bypass Patient

"Before the surgery I was a Diabetic type 2 on insulin and pills. Plus on about 26 different medications. Now, since the surgery I am on only 7. I have so much energy now that I didn't have before and I walk two to three times a day." - Read More

Mary - Indiana - Gastric Bypass Patient

"In September of 2009, I was 270 pounds. I have lost 100 pounds and currently weigh 170. I was in a size 22/24 and now in a size 14-16. I am off all my high blood pressure meds as well as high cholesterol medication. It was so worth it, and not just because of losing the weight but my health overall." - Read More

Karen - Iowa - Gastric Bypass Patient

"I had high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, knee problems, severe sleep apnea, pcod. Everytime I went to the dr, they put me on more meds. I knew that I needed to get my health under control, so I had gastric bypass in July 2008." - Read More

Barb - Wisconsin - Gastric Bypass Patient

"April 21, 2008 was the first day of beginning my new life that I had chosen. Morbid obesity had way too many years of my life already and it wasn't going to have anymore! I had tried every program with much success only gain and have the title of "FAILURE" ." - Read More

Russ - Ohio - Gastric Bypass Patient

"I had my gastric bypass on August 8, 2011. I had been on an insulin pump for five years and took meds for hypertension, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I require no meds for these comorbidities at all." - Read More

Connie - Oklahoma - Gastric Bypass Patient

"I was a chubby little girl and thankfully, lost weight the summer before going into Jr. High and remained thin until I had my first baby at 21. I gained weight slowly until I was pregnant wtih my 2nd baby." - Read More

Judy - Alabama - Gastric Bypass Patient

"Sleep apnea, bad knees, high blood pressure, diabetes and nothing was getting better. After surgery, not skinny but healthy. " - Read More