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  1. Fad Diets 

If everyone is doing it, it must work, right? WRONG! A lot of crazy ideas go viral on social media. Much of it is designed to fool you and promote the latest fad diets. If the most recent “amazing discovery” in the world of dieting seems too good to be true—it… Read More


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  Getting lots of protein is key to successful weight loss and maintenance, and many doctors recommend using a supplement long-term. A recent meta-analysis of 32 studies, comprised of 3,500 individuals, found a persistent and positive effect of dietary protein on long-term weight maintenance1. And dairy protein is particularly helpful. Increasing Protein: Improves satiety, so… Read More


  Topic Highlights • Methionine is an essential amino acid. It is one of the building blocks of protein and it is not made by the human body, so people must get it through diet and nutrition. • Those who follow a plant-based diet sometimes find themselves deficient in this crucial amino acid, which means… Read More